Data Release

Public Data Release

There has been a major update in our public data release schedule due to delays in our survey for combination of reasons (e.g., weather, volcanic activities, telescope trouble, etc, etc.).  The final data release is going to be PDR4.  We do not yet know when that will happen at this point.

Current Schedule
Data Release 1 Released in Feb 2017
Data Release 2 Released in May 2019
Data Release 3 Released in August 2021
Data Release 4 (final release) TBD

Notes on Raw Data

Raw data from the Subaru Telescope are nominally made available to the public 1.5 years after they are acquired. However, as approved by the Subaru Advisory Committee, the HSC SSP data will be an exception to this rule. The release of all the SSP raw data will be synchronized with the public data release. That is, raw data used for, e.g., DR1, will be released to the community together with the DR1 science products.

hscMap for COSMOS UltraDeep

Here we show the images of COSMOS-UltraDeep through hscMap, a googleMap-like image browser, to illustrate the image quality and depth of our data. You can navigate yourself around the COSMOS field by scrolling and zooming-in/out the image. You can also change the filter combination by clicking the “color” button the top-left. Enjoy!

Data Processing

Data processing is performed at NAOJ, Kavli-IPMU, and Princeton University.  The computing resources at NAOJ are operated by Subaru Telescope and Astronomy Data Center, and are being enhanced in collaboration with Center for Computational Astrophysics (CfCA) for large scale processing in the upcoming data releases. All the processed data are loaded to catalog databases and distributed to users through the dedicated archive system hosted and operated by NAOJ.

For Japanese researchers

All Japanese researchers have access to the HSC SSP data. Please refer to this page

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