Welcome to HSC pipeline document page!ΒΆ

Welcome to HSC’c data reduction information site. The HSC (Hyper Suprime-Cam) is the photometric camera on Subaru telescope. This site introduces the way how to reduce HSC data.

  • If you are a beginner for HSC pipeline, please read HSC page first. Then, move to Pipeline page next.

  • Please read Important notice about pipeline analysis.

  • If you have experienced HSC pipeline, you have some choices according to your aim:

    • To look back over the usage of HSC pipeline ==> Go Pipeline page
    • To know the specific use of HSC pipeline ==> Go Tips
    • To know the FAQs of HSC pipeline ==> Go FAQ
    • To know pipeline source code or commands more deeply ==> Go Document Links
  • Pan-STARRS catalog has been released. If you want to use, please check here.

  • A package for global sky subtraction has been released (Global sky subtraction). Please note that some risks still remains.

  • Packages for removal of ghosts and satellite trails have been released (Removal of ghosts and satellite trails). Please note that they are developing packages.

  • The new pipeline, hscPipe version 6, has been released (hscPipe6 manual).

If you have any further questions about data or data reduction, please contact us.