Welcome to HSC pipeline document page!ΒΆ

Welcome to HSC’c data reduction information site. The HSC (Hyper Suprime-Cam) is the photometric camera on Subaru telescope. This site introduces the way how to reduce HSC data.

(Oct. 2020) We support hscPipe vesion 8. Manual page for latest version, hscpipe 8 is here

The manuals for earlier versions are here.

hscPipe 7

hscPipe 6

hscPipe 5

hscPipe 4

(If you want to see the older top page, go to hscpipe 4 manual. At this point, external packages for satellite trail/Ghost subtraction are only available for hscpipe4. Ask to helpdesk about their current status.)

If you have any further questions about data or data reduction, please contact us.